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AI solution for multi-project forecasting

New project ? Awesome !

But can you manage with your current resources? When can you get it started?
Seerplan is the answer to all of your questions. Let our AI do the thinking for you and keep the headache away.

What if you have multiple projects at the same time?
Seerplan is the easy and efficient way to measure all your options in a time effective way to respond as quickly as possible to our fast-paced environment.
Create multiple what-if scenarios enabling you to make the best decisions.

Seerplan, an immediate response to your daily forecasting needs without losing sight off the bigger picture. Managing your workload has never been easier.

Meet the deadline

Manage all your projects and all your deadlines thanks to an overall visibility of activities with less than 3 months filling of information. Build scenarios and take the best decisions.

Improve profitability

Improve the profitability of your teams, projects and processes by optimizing the use of resources. Improvment from 11% to 21%.

Control your budget

Manage activities with an optimum rate of resources use – and thus stay within the defined budget.


Increased profitability


Optimum use rate achievement

Modeling, and Artificial Intelligence!

SEERPLAN is a web application under development. It uses new and compelling innovations:

  • Modeling that allows you to predict your ability to implement a multi-project context
  • AI to continually improve modeling
  • AI to optimize capacity according to constraints and priorities.

SEERPLAN brings a vision of both horizontal and vertical projects, activities, processes within organizations.



The solution to manage activities and resources

We are increasingly faced with the task of managing multiple projects simultaneously.
But for each new project, how do you know if you have the capacity to absorb it? Can you evaluate the hiring necessaties? Can you make scenarios simply and accuratly?

The aim is to be able to answer quickly to questions relating to implementing abilities, especially in a multi-projects context.

Use cases are multiple, whatever type of business.


  • Optimize the use of your resources, assignments and leave
  • Plan upcoming activities in seconds
  • Simulate, create scenarios to make the best decisions
  • Present cost forecasts and resource requirements

Subcontracting contracts?

(Client or service provider)

  • Manage your balance between activity volume and resources
  • Communicate and improve the relationship between outsourcer and outsourcing
  • Plan problems before they happen

Small Businesses?

(Events, Landscaping, Construction, … )

  • Evaluate in a few seconds the capacity of realization of your new projects
  • Get an idea of when you can star a new job and when it would finish.
  • Plan holidays, hirings and subcontracting precisely.

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